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A little box

I bought a set of router templates to help me cut hinge mortises for doors. They work fine, but they didn’t come with any kind of case, and I’m worried about losing the doodads.

The plywood I was using was really thin, and I was worried there wouldn’t be enough strength just gluing butt joints that way. I decided to use corner pieces to strengthen those joints.

I started by taking some scrap pine and plywood, and cutting pieces for the box sides, bottom, and the corner pieces. Then I glued the corner pieces down to the longer sides.

Gluing corner pieces to the longer side pieces.

After that, I glued the short pieces onto the ends, doing my best to keep the box square.

Gluing the short sides on. Starting to look like a box!

Flipped it over to glue the bottom on. Note to self: buy more clamps.

Flipped it over to glue on the bottom.

And finally, I could fill it up with router templates. Using woodworking tools to make boxes to hold woodworking tools is one of the essential woodworking projects.

Full of router templates.