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Router Bit Storage

While cleaning up the shop, I realized that all of my router bits are in these big bulky cases and containers. That’s great for keeping them from bouncing into each other and getting dull, but it’s not great from an organizational/space saving points of view. I’ve had an entry on my to-do list for a […]

The Shop

Cleaning Up

Nothing groundbreaking here, just puttering around the shop putting things away and trying in vain to absterge the endless sawdust. It never ends, but the fight is worthy nonetheless. A clean shop is a safe shop.


Queer Rep in Woodworking

Sometimes people ask me why I started this blog. Sometimes it’s genuine curiosity, with no preconceived ideas or motivation behind asking. Sometimes it comes with the connotation of “there are plenty of other LGBTQ+ makers out there already.” Sometimes it comes with frustration or contempt: “Why do you have to shove it in my face? […]